• Moving the Trade Facilitation Concept to 
    ​One that is All-of-Community Driven

Single Window Mesh

The next generation of trade facilitation that combines AI-powered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Neural Network Algorithm (NNA) to dynamically crawl, aggregate and co-relate structured and unstructured data.

Why Now?
  • Convergence of Governments' and Businesses' Interests

More openness among businesses in sharing and pushing data to the Governments for better trade security.

  • More Opportunities Arise

There are many opportunities for making the trade value chain more efficient in ways that are relevant to both businesses and Governments.

  • Technology Readiness

Leveraging on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Neural Network Algorithm (NNA) and blockchain to complete import and export formalities effectively, as well as commercial activities of cargo movement.


To Governments
  • Comprehensive risk management with cargo profiles being fleshed out in real-time along the supply chain.
  • Improve revenue collection by establishing fair and consistent valuation through aggregation and correlation of compliance, commercial and market data. 
  • Reduce verification costs and time with authenticated and trusted data.
To Businesses
  • Convenience of filing declarations by using data at source (i.e. invoice, bill of lading, packing lists) to pre-populate declaration forms.
  • Improve cost savings with reduced fines and penalties.
  • Enhance collaboration and data sharing on the mesh across multiple parties.
  • Maximise time savings and reduced human errors in data entry 

Key Technologies

Artificial Intelligence
  • Facilitates data exchange between different systems without necessitating changes to formats or standards
  • Both compliance and commercial trade requirements are met by applying validated correlations on crawled data to complete trade formalities, as well as cargo movements.
  • Strengthens trust to promote data sharing and encourage collaboration on the digital mesh. 
  • Authenticates data from multiple sources, including those that are not accredited directly.


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About Us

With over 30 years domain expertise and working alongside Governments, we have grown from implementing the world's first Single Window to become an internationally recognised trade facilitation solution provider. GeTS platforms come with many pre-built business functionalities based on best practices and international standards. We have linkages to over 28 Customs nodes across the world.